Join us on Wednesday (Oct 22) and live tweet along with the Canadian and Spanish viewers when the show airs in their countries.
For Spain, episode 4 “The Flood” airs on Syfy España at 10:25 PM CET (1:25 PM PT/4:25 PM ET). Please use the hashtag #DominionES.
For Canada, the season finale “Beware Those Closest To You” airs on Showcase at 10 PM ET. Please use the hashtag #Dominion.
Please spread the word, and feel free to repost the graphic above to do so. Please remember not to post spoilers if you’ve already seen the episodes!
Syfy France will show episode 2 on Oct 21 at 8:45 PM CET. Come and join us to twee along with the French too. We’ll use hashtag #DominionFR.

Short (sad for me) note


My dear hanstielish followers

The irony of life screwed me up and instead of watching new spn episode, drooling over HxC, rebloging, fangirling etc, I’m going to faint at my master’s thesis defense. Fuck me very much.

Be awesome and post a lot Hanstiel epic shit, so I could reblog it when (if…?) I come back from the dead with my fresh master degree in my claws… lol

Please, go to Erica’s Facebook and twitter and show her your support after the ep. And troll Hannah’s haters!

(Don’t mind me, I’m just an attention sucker).



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